ENSAR2 (project number: 654002) is the integrating activity for European nuclear scientists who are performing research in three of these major subfields: Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Reactions and Applications of Nuclear Science.

Its core aim is to provide access to eleven of the complementary world-class large-scale facilities: GANIL-SPIRAL2 (F), INFN (LNL & LNS) (I),CERN-ISOLDE (CH), JYFL (FI),  ALTO (F), GSI (D), KVI-CART (NL), NLC (IFJ PAN-Krakow & HIL-Warsaw) (PL), IFIN-HH/ELI-NP (RO) and to the theoretical physics facility: ECT* (I). These accelerators provide stable and radioactive ion beams of excellent qualities ranging in energies from tens of keV/u to a few GeV/u.

ENSAR2 started on March 1st, 2016. It will last 4 years with a total budget of 10 M€.


ENSAR2 is funded by the European Commission within its HORIZON2020 Programme under the specific programme 'Infrastructures'.

ENSAR2 Town Meeting 2

The ENSAR2 Town Meeting will be held from February 10th to 14th 2020 in Athens (Greece).

The main goal of the meeting is to present and discuss the current status and future of the ENSAR2 project in front of a large community of scientists.

The program of the meeting will include presentations on ENSAR2 work packages. A poster session will also be scheduled.



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